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Hubei united longitudinal energy-saving materials co., LTD

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Hubei al longitudinal energy-saving materials co., LTD is one of the subsidiary Wu Handa rights group, the company was founded in 2015, under the strong support and concern of the qunguang leaders at all levels, Wu Handa rights group set to achieve in qunguang building materials industrial park investment plan, and formed the "hubei longitudinal energy saving material co., LTD." is responsible for project implementation and management. The project total area 133334 square meters (200 acres), the newly built a total construction area of 109500 square meters, planning a total investment of 561.81 million yuan, including: the first phase of the project investment of 277.32 million yuan, the phase ii project investment is 284.49 million yuan. After a period completed and put into operation, will form an annual output of 200 square meters, all kinds of light-quality partitions of lightweight partition equipment 150 sets of production capacity; The 2nd phase, after the production of the formation of calcium silicate board production capacity of 800 square meters.

Wu Handa power group apparent original Wu Handa power based on the energy saving board co., LTD., owns seven companies, holding companies, 4 in 3, 500 employees, total assets of more than one hundred million yuan. Including Wu Hanhua weight energy saving wall equipment technology research co., LTD., hubei longitudinal energy saving material co., LTD, hubei chi teng feats of lightweight energy-saving materials technology research company, wuhan jia xin cheng light wall materials installation co., LTD., wuhan rakhine light wall materials co., LTD., Wu Handa right of import and export trade co., LTD. Group main business including environmental protection wall materials production, wall equipment manufacturing, project contracting, trade, environmental protection building materials and so on five big plate of form a complete set. Each plate subsidiaries with their own advantages and independent innovation, formed a series of products of rights group, the effective integration. Products and solutions of rights has been used in the world on five continents over 80 countries, service 1/10 of the world's population.

Hubei united longitudinal energy-saving materials co., LTD

Company address: hubei jingmen qunguang light rail road east economic development zone

Contact phone: 027-87506506

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Hubei united longitudinal energy-saving materials co., LTD

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