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Wu Handa right of import trade co., LTD

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Wu Handa right of import trade co., LTD is one of the subsidiary Wu Handa rights group, the main products of foreign trade promotion, sales, installation, etc., of the right to import and export trade co., LTD. The main business are: environmental protection wall materials, wall materials equipment export, a complete set of building materials, home appliances furniture export export agent, such as steel export agent.

Wu Handa rights group of more than 80 products are exported to countries, export large plate area 8 million square, export equipment, 300, 20 export production lines; 40 installation engineering.

Of rights group based on domestic, looking at the world, actively expand overseas markets, in addition to the original, Australia, Africa, Asia and South America market success in Europe and North America market, from the ancient African plateau to gave birth to the Mediterranean coast of classical European civilization, from tropical rain forests of Brazil to Australia's gold coast, from the hot, dry in the Arabian peninsula to the bleak Siberian, trade scope of rights group has covered five continents in the world.

Wu Handa right of import trade co., LTD

Company address: new technology development zone, wuhan, hubei province SBI business street, 2 house 15 floor

Contact phone: 027-87506506

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Wu Handa right of import trade co., LTD

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