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  • Cement Adhensive
    Cement Adhensive

    Lightweight panel cement adhesive used in the joints of lightweight panel???Lightweight panel cement adhesive is a kind of cement as gelling agent, adding polymer and inorganic powder's well-being agent, binder and high-strength wallboard binder

  • Anti-crack mortar
    Anti-crack mortar

    Anti-crack mortar is made from polymer emulsion and admixture of anti-cracking agent, cement and sand and water by certain proportion made of mixing can meet certain deformation and keep cracking of mortar.Used for exterior wall insulation layer leveling or exterior wall plaster leveling the surface crack treatment

  • Anti-crack tape
    Anti-crack tape

    Anti-crack Tape is tape with certain strength, can absorb a certain amount of tensile stress in the crack, have the effect of reinforcement, used for seams of panel and panel, to prevent the wall cracking

  • Fiber Mesh Cloth
    Fiber Mesh Cloth

    Glass fiber mesh cloth is main made of alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, it made from mid alkali glass fiber yarn (the main component is a silicate, good chemical stability) by the special organization structure a leno weave, then warm stereotypes processing with alkali resistance liquids, strengthening agent ,has the good high tensile resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility,can be widely used in building internal and external wall thermal insulation, waterproof, crack resistance, etc.

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